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Holy Grail Time Lapses With α7R III & Firmware 3.0

The firmware update version 3.0 for the Sony α7R III and α7 III brought us an advanced, built-in intervalometer for timelapse. In a step-by-step video, Jason Anthony utilizes this new feature to show how to create a “Holy Grail” (day-to-night) timelapse, with his Sony α7R III.

These “Holy Grail” timelapses have that moniker because they could be complicated to create due to the contrast change from day-to-night or night-to-day. The new Firmware 3.0 and customizable settings makes it easier to capture a dynamic time lapse in focus and with the proper exposure. In the video, Jason sets his α7R III to Aperture Priority Mode so that his aperture and ISO stay set and the shutter speed adjusts automatically. He has the exposure dial set to -0.3 to preserve more highlight detail and the following settings under the Interval Shooting Function:

-Shooting Start Time: 5sec

-Shooting Interval: 3sec

-Number of Shots: 9000

-AE Tracking Sensitivity: Mid

After shooting the time lapse, Jason shows how to batch edit the images in Adobe Lightroom and then import them into Premiere for additional effects. The high-resolution image files allow you to create zoom and pan effects in your time lapse without sacrificing quality. “The awesome thing about resolution with time lapses is if I zoom in all the way...I mean this looks really sharp.”


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Firmware Update Brings Time Lapse, Real Time Eye AF, Animal Eye AF to Sony α7R III, α7 III

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