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How To Get Started In Vlogging: A Video Series With Tips On Gear, Shooting, Editing & More

Entering the world of vlogging may seem overwhelming at first, but once you get started the possibilities for content creation are endless. To help you get your start we bring you Vlogging For Beginners, a three-part series on creating and publishing your first vlog – hosted by YouTuber Jason Vong. See the videos below and read this article where Vong outlines three basic kits as his suggestions for your first vlogging setup.

Our Vlogging For Beginners Series by YouTuber Jason Vong shows you everything you need to know to get your vlog off the ground.

Vlogging For Beginners Part 1: Getting Started

In Part 1, YouTuber Jason Vong provides us with a complete overview of vlogging. Watch the full video as Jason defines what vlogging is and explains the secret formula for a successful vlog, how to grow an audience and how to generate income.

Vlogging For Beginners Part 2: Filming Your First Vlog

In Part 2, Vong moves on to the next step and shows how to film your first vlog. Watch the video below to learn more about the different gear you need for vlogging (learn more about his different vlogging setups here), how to talk to the camera and how to vlog in public.

Vlogging For Beginners Part 3: Editing & Optimizing Your Vlog

In Part 3, Vong completes the Vlogging For Beginners series by walking us through how to edit and optimize your first vlog for publish.


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Getting Started With Vlogging: Pro's Suggestions For Camera, Lens & Audio

Sony Introduces The ZV-1, A Newly-Designed Camera For Video Content Creators

Sony ZV-1: Hands On & First Impressions

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