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How To Monetize Your Video Content

Timelapse genius and Sony Artisan Drew Geraci gives his tips for monetizing your video content. You’ll learn how you can take footage that you already have on your computer or create new footage, and sell it on stock sites to create a profit. Watch as Geraci covers why you should monetize your content, how to create content to sell, what type of system to invest in, what percentage you should get, choosing between Rights Managed vs. Royalty Free and much, much more.

Sony Artisan Drew Geraci gives his tips on how to sell your stock video footage.

“This course is really going to be about selling video content,” explains Geraci, “because video honestly sells a lot better than photos in today’s marketplace. What I want to show you is that the content that you can create can come from anything that you do. As I already mentioned you can be on vacation or on a road trip, or just out in the public doing something and capturing a news event at the same time. All of these different types of videos that you’re creating can be monetized and sold as stock footage later on in the process.”

Watch the full video for more on monetizing your video content:


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Five Things A Still Shooter Needs To Know To Shoot Video

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