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iJustine’s Top 3 Camera Setups For Vlogging + A Bonus Setup!

Vlogging setups are as diverse as the vloggers who use them. What's perfect for Casey Neistat might not be the right choice for you. On her YouTube Channel, iJustine looks at three different vlogging setups from “The Tiniest Boy” setup using the RX0 II, to the “Big Heavy Boy” setup using the Sony α7 III. See more about each setup and what she has to say about using them for vlogging. And spoiler alert, don't miss the bonus set-up at the end!

YouTuber iJustine shares her top Sony camera setups for vlogging.

Setup 1: RX0 II “The Tiniest Boy”

“This camera is very interesting because it’s pretty powerful. But this little guy is so small and so compact, no one is going to question you. If you're looking for portability, look no further.”

Setup 2: RX100 VII “The Game Changer Boy”

“The introduction of an audio input jack right here has changed the game as far as what you can do with this.” (note in the video, iJustine refers to the camera as the RX100 V, but she meant the RX100 VII which has the audio input jack.) 

Setup 3: α7 III “Big Heavy Boy”

“This is a big boy. This is a full-frame camera. We have a G Master lens on it. Right now we have the 24-70mm but if you are vlogging I would recommend a 16-35mm. (Although this 24-70mm is probably one of my favorite lenses that Sony has made. We use this for almost all of the B-roll shots. This is also one of the newer microphones that Sony came out with. This one is a little more expensive but the sound quality is amazing. What I love so much is there are no cables involved. It sends the signal directly from the microphone to the camera. You don’t have to power it because it’s also powered by the camera. I definitely recommend it.”

Bonus Setup: α6400 “Mid-Range Boy”

“There is something that is kind of right in between the RX100 VII and this guy (the α7 III). So there are a bunch of smaller Sony options, this is the α6400. It’s not a full-frame camera so you aren’t going to be getting as great picture quality as you are with this one (the α7 III). This little lens right here is very inexpensive. This is a 10-18mm lens – still one of my favorite lenses. It’s not going to be as good quality as some of the G Master ones, but sometimes having a small, portable camera is more important to be able to just get the shot. If you are looking for a more inexpensive option, this is definitely the way to go.”


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The Best Sony Cameras For Vlogging: RX100 V

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