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Is The α6500 The Perfect Camera For Video?

When the new Sony α6500 was announced less than 9 months after the introduction of the α6300, it was an eyebrow-raising moment. Building on the popular α6000-series' imopressive pedigree, the α6500 has a number of impressive new capabilities. Among the key features for photographers are the camera’s speed and 5-axis In-Body Image-Stabilization (IBIS). Sony Artisan and renowned sports photographer Patrick Murphy-Racey used the α6500 for several weeks prior to its announcement to evaluate its capabilities for capturing the fast action of “as many sports events as I could find”. You can see our exclusive interview with Patrick and hear him describe how the camera performed in our special edition of the Alpha Universe Podcast.

Why The α6500 Is The Ideal Video Shooter

If the α6500’s features ended with 11fps shooting speed, 5-axis IBIS, 425-point focal-plane phase-detection AF and touch-screen control, the cameras would be impressive. But this camera is about much more than just still images. It’s also a 4K Super-35mm format video-making machine. The α6500 captures approximately 6K of image data with full pixel readout and no pixel binning. This 2.4X oversampling creates a stunningly-rich 4K image.

Key Video Features:

  • 4K capability from oversampled 6K images with full pixel readout and no pixel binning
  • Touchscreen focus control 
  • 5-Axis In-Body Image-Stabilization (IBIS)
  • Fast Hybrid AF system
  • Quick & Slow video mode 


Here’s a sample of the 4K image quality and wide dynamic range.

And here's an example of slow motion using the time-shifting Slow & Quick Motion feature. Slow & Quick Motion allows you shoot up to 5X slow motion and 60X quick motion in full HD in camera.

We asked several of the Sony Artisans Of Imagery about the video features they’re looking forward to using in the α6500. Here’s what they had to say:

“For my video work, I’m eager to use the 5-axis IBIS and get 4K images with full pixel readout.” -Jeff Berlin

“I’m most looking forward to pulling focus using the touch screen for video and Full HD Video at 120 fps/100 Mbps.” -Michael Britt

“I'm most looking forward to trying out the new touch screen! I think this is something that we've all been waiting anxiously for!” -Mike Colón

“I can’t wait to use the touch screen focus for my video work. I’m also excited about the in-camera stabilization combined with the fastest focusing system on the market. I can't wait to shoot some fast sports action with that baby.” Robert Evans

“I simply can't wait to use it with the touch screen in video. These are amazing developments and so fast!! Usually I see this level of refinement and upgrade taking 2-3 years from the legacy manufacturers!!” -Paul Gero


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