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Atola Visuals In-Depth Review Of The Sony α6600 For Photo & Video

Cinematographer and tech reviewer Kitty Peters of Atola Visuals recently posted her video review of the Sony α6600. After testing it in Montana, Los Angeles and San Francisco, she provides her thoughts on the camera’s performance. See what she had to say and who she thinks should make the upgrade.

“What I like about this camera is, because it’s an APS-C camera it is very small and compact. The lenses are small and affordable. And now this camera uses the Z batteries which we all know and love because it lasts all day.”

She goes on to say more later in the video about the importance of the Z battery when it comes to recording video with the α6600.

“...this little guy does not have a recording limit. They started that off with the α6400, but now if you’re looking to upgrade from the α6000 line, the α6500 line, the α6400, to this camera – I highly, highly recommend it because of that Z battery. Trust...it is worth getting rid of all those other cameras just for the Z battery alone. I’m a huge fan if you haven’t noticed.”

In addition to the Z battery, the α6600 is equipped with many of the same features found in Sony’s high-end full-frame cameras. “The new features are really nice,” she says. “The autofocus makes it a really good vlogging camera if you want to shoot a lot of fast moving subjects. Or maybe you’re just lazy and you don’t want to use manual focus. It also has Animal Eye Auto Focus so you can get all of those cute little fluffy animal shots. As we all know, those cute little fluffy animals do not sit still even though we tell them to.”

So who is the α6600 for? She says, “If you’re trying to find a nice, really good B camera but don’t want to dive into another full-frame camera, this is the one for you. Personally I used the α6500 as my B cam for a very long time until I sold it and upgraded it to an α7R III. If you’re looking for a first camera and you want to upgrade from your phone and you want to invest in the Sony line, this is definitely a good start. You only need to get one battery as opposed to, maybe the other cheaper Sony cameras you have to get a couple. And then you’ll have a flip-out screen, it’s very small and compact and the lenses are very cheap as well like I said before.”

She continues, “Because it’s such a small, lightweight camera, it makes it a really good portable travel video camera. If you’re going on vacation with your family, maybe you want to shoot some animals, landscapes, get some family photos or shoot a couple travel vlogs – this might be the camera for you.”

Watch the full video from the Atola Visuals YouTube Channel:


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Tips & Tricks To Get The Most Out Of Your Sony α6600

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