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Vlogging 101 With The Sony ZV-E10 And See How You Can Enter To Win One Of Your Own!

Vlogs are all about sharing your experiences with your audience, and you don’t need much to make one. In this video replay from #BeAlpha Live Online, vlogger Sidney Diongzon shares the ins and outs of starting your own vlog. Watch as he teaches you the three stages of creating a vlog, and how the new Sony ZV-E10 camera can make creating them even easier. Once you’ve watched the video, make sure you submit your vlog to the Sony Vlog Challenge Contest by September 27. Sidney is one of the judges for the Contest and he’ll be helping decide who will win a Sony Vlog Kit including the Sony ZV-E10!

Brush up on vlogging basics with Sidney Diongzon as he uses the new Sony ZV-E10. Enter the Sony Vlog Challenge Contest for the chance to win your own!

“Vlogging does take practice, and so the more you do it, the better at it you’ll be,” explains Diongzon. “But there are some things I like doing that help my prep for the day as I vlog. Just like any video production, making a vlog consists of three stages. First is the planning stage, next is the filming stage and third is the editing stage.”

Diongzon walks you through each stage, sharing the various tools he uses to complete them. The underlying theme of his talk is that a vlog is supposed to be fun and you shouldn’t overthink it. Some things will undeniably go wrong, but that’s actually good content that your audience will want to see.

“If some things go wrong as you’re filming, make sure to capture it,” he says. “Those are the fun things that people like to see as people watch your journey. I mean I think that’s what vlogs are really all about – capturing all the highs, all the lows...all of those candid moments on camera. Those are things that make a vlog really interesting to watch. You can plan as much as you want but also, don’t overthink it.”

Visit the Sony Alpha YouTube Channel for more #BeAlpha Live Online Replays.


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Sony Electronics Introduces The New Interchangeable Lens Vlog Camera ZV-E10

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