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Location Independence

In episode 13 of TWiP's Alpha Mirrorless podcast Juan Pons and Andy Williams interview travel photographer and Sony shooter, Gary Arndt. In 2007 Arndt sold his house and for almost 9 years he became a full-time traveler. He is the founder of the Everything Everywhere blog and has been to 180 countries and 7 continents.

Asked about his photography, Arndt sums it up, "My definition of travel photography is everything that's not in a studio or not a staged shoot. You're capturing the world on its own terms. I'm trying to capture the places I visit. It's the love of travel that drives my photography." 

Arndt has migrated from a Nikon DSLR to the Sony α7R II. "My first camera that I bought when I started traveling was a Nikon D200. I migrated to the D300S and for the longest time I was going to migrate to a Nikon full frame camera but for reasons of sloth and laziness primarily, I never did." 

"I saw what Sony was doing and I saw a lot of photographers that I respect switching to Sony so I started to do some research on it and there's about it to like. It's smaller in size which is great for travel. It's a little bit lighter, not as light as light as some people might think with the extra lenses, but the form factor is definitely smaller. And the biggest thing for me is the low light capability. I was just in Ethiopia last month shooting in these rock-hewn churches which are basically a cave with a window put in it so it's very low light. I was getting shots that would have been impossible, absolutely impossible with my previous camera." 

You can listen to the full podcast here





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