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Max Yuryev Reviews The α7R III For Video

Popular YouTube reviewer Max Yuryev covers everything related to filmmaking. In his most recent posts, he discusses the video features of the α7R III that are not as often talked about and why those features made him excited to preorder it.

"Why I'm Buying The α7R III For Video?"

The first feature he discusses is the WhiteMagic LCD screen, a technology developed by Sony that improves viewing in bright, outdoor conditions. This is a major upgrade for those who shoot video and have had the problem of not being able to see the screen in the past.

"If this camera can go up to 1000 nits outside, it's going to be amazing and it's going to solve a lot of issues for guys shooting 4K outside in the bright daylight."

He then discusses the higher resolution LCD display, and more importantly for video purposes, the fact that it samples more data when you're shooting video. This is going to make it much easier to see details in your display as your recording.

He also shares his hopes for the camera's low light performance improvements, dynamic range, in-camera stabilization and auto-focus. Once he gets the camera in-hand, he's able to truly test them for video quality in his next videos.

"Sony α7R III Low Light Footage & Comparison"

In this video Yuryev tests the camera for low light footage and explains how the full frame mode compares to APS-C crop mode. The limitations of the full frame mode in the α7R II kept him from going above 1600 ISO in the past, but the improvements in the α7R III allow him to do much more in low light.

"Sony said that they've revamped it. They're using more data now and the low light has been improved – and I'm definitely seeing that it has been improved. It really looks close to the APS-C crop."

"Sony α7R III - 4K & 120FPS 1080P Video Quality"



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House Of Cards Timelapse Artist Drew Geraci On The Sony α7R III

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