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Only RX0: Live Your Vision

Carpe Diem! That famous latin dictum could be the personal motto for filmmaking adventurer Brett Conti. Seizing the day is what brought him to Thailand where he made the short film Live Your Vision. “It was one of the first places I went to when I started traveling,” Conti says. “I just remember being able to ride motorbikes and seeing the elephants and also the beauty of the islands. Those memories really stuck with me, and I thought Thailand had everything I wanted in the perfect setting to make an amazing travel video.”

On his popular YouTube channel, Conti posts a wealth of content from gear reviews, glimpses at daily-life in New York, global-adventure travel vlogs and more. In the relatively short time that he’s been on YouTube, Conti has attracted a dedicated following, and, with his enthusiastic and genuine personality, it’s easy to see why. He explains, “My friend who is actually in Live Your Vision first encouraged me to look into YouTube for the travel videos. I immediately loved it for that. I started making videos not just about traveling, but also about living in New York City, about starting a company or whatever content I get an idea for. I’ve branched out, but I still really love making the travel videos.”

For Live Your Vision, Conti used the Sony RX0 exclusively. The rugged, small camera is ideal for the kind of film he wanted to make in Thailand. “I don't know any other camera that could take a beating like I put the RX0 through in Thailand. I attached it to a motorcycle and had it fall off. Then with the elephants and actually putting it on my drone... I honestly don't know any other camera that could survive all of that besides the RX0.”

It’s not just the extremely rugged body that made the RX0 the camera of choice for Conti’s short film. The camera has a high-quality Zeiss lens and produces high-quality image files. That image quality is part of the reason Conti wanted to try mounting the RX0 on his drone to capture some aerial footage. “This was my first time doing that,” Conti says. “I knew I wanted to get some drone shots and I started to think about how I could mount the RX0 instead of just using the drone’s camera. Then just doing research, I found I could get a mount made with a 3D printer so the RX0 cold clamp right on it. It ended up working perfectly!”

Go along for the ride as Conti’s infectious enthusiasm draws you into Live Your Vision.

Brett Conti is part of the Alpha Imaging Collective. You can subscribe to his YouTube channel here and follow him on Instagram @brettconti.nyc.



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