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Photo Walks With Sony Artisans At PhotoPlus Expo 2016

One of the most unique experiences at Photo Plus 2016 is the chance to explore the streets of New York City through a collection of Photo Walks led by Sony Artisans of Imagery. Learn from these insightful and inspiring pros as they help you hone your skills with the Sony system in a topical guided trek. 

Here are the photo walks slated for this year at PPE 2016:

Miguel Quiles - On Location Portraits

Miguel will show you how to scout the best location, pose your subject and offer guidelines to dial-in your settings using both available light and off-camera flash. The shoot will include live models for students to photograph, offering a great opportunity to walk away with some amazing photos and useful tips.

Tony Gale - Action Photography Using Small Flash

Join Sony Artisan Tony Gale in a unique hands-on experience on the streets of New York City as he shows you how to enhance your action photography with a small flash. Tony will teach you how and why to use flash outdoors, along with using multiple flash units to capture action.

Me Ra Koh - A Family Adventure Photo Experience

She's going to teach you both how to find great light, capture action, hunt for defining details to tell a story, and use ordinary shapes and lines to create extraordinary photos. Sign up for this fun, creative, hands-on session that you and your child will never forget (children must be at least 4 years old).

Vivenne Gucwa - A Unique Way to Capture NYC

Come along with travel photographer, best-selling author and Sony Artisan Vivienne Gucwa for a different type of Photo Walk that will take you to the rooftops of NYC. Participants will learn how to use 'view from above' angles to capture unique perspectives of an urban landscape.

Ira Block - Adding Light to Your Environmental Portrait

Join Ira Block, Sony Artisan of Imagery and National Geographic photographer, as he teaches you how to interact with your subjects in order to make them feel comfortable, relaxed and expressive. He will also discuss how to find locations that compliment and define your subjects.

Katrin Eismann - New York Skyline and Hoboken

We will explore the tree-lined Stevens Institute of Technology campus, discover quaint streets lined with Brownstones, and wonder at the historical Hoboken Railroad Terminal. No detail or texture will be overlooked as we explore this rapidly changing city.

Matt Kloskowski - Creative Landscapes in an Urban Setting

Join Sony Artisan Matt Kloskowski for a hands-on photo walk that combines creative landscape photography with the urban city setting. We will teach you about long exposure, shooting into the sun, texture, shadow, light, and more.

To sign up for the Photo Walks, Seminars, and Master Classes at Photo Plus 2016, click here.

For more about Sony at the show, go to our Photoplus Expo 2016 page.  


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