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RX10 III: The Ultimate Multitool

Writing at SteveHuffPhoto.com, Craig Litten gets into why the RX10 III makes him recall days imagining the ultimate lens. "Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty: the crown jewel of this camera or the RX10 III’s “ace up it’s sleeve”, is its 24 to 600mm zoom lens. Plain and simple, if you are thinking about getting this camera, THIS is the reason to plunk down your cash. It’s simply stunning in every way. I really put the camera though it’s paces and tested the lens in every type of situation I could think of—even a real wedding, and this lens shines at every focal length which hopefully you’ll be able to see for yourself in the images samples. Plus, I included a lot of straight-out-of-camera, jpegs for you to view."


"It literally is the Swiss Army Knife of cameras, the jack-of-all-trades and has everything including the kitchen sink. There are just so many uses for it, and in my opinion, it’s a great photographic tool to add to your tool box. For some it will be their main camera, for others, a back up, and still for others, a tool for specific jobs. The best part of the RX10 III, in my opinion, is it’s lens. The focal length is staggering, and the lens quality is exceedingly good. And, because of its range, it’s a lot of fun to shoot with. I think just about everyone reading this post got into photography because it is fun. And this camera opens up all kinds of avenues to explore if you ever get tired of zooming out to 600mm (I doubt you ever will). Incredible still shooting frame rate of 14 fps, excellent macro capability—especially at 24mm, surprisingly nice bokeh where the image transitions from sharp focus to blur, 4K video and slow motion video, and the list goes on, all in a single, well made, well designed all-in-one package. What’s not to love?"

See his full 5000+ word writeup and sample images at SteveHuffPhoto.com


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