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RX100 V: Why I Want One

Pro photographers have a reputation for always using big, heavy pro-looking gear, but for a lot of professionals, having something small and unobtrusive that can produce high-quality images is much preferred, even essential. When the original RX100 came out in 2012, it quickly gained a reputation with the pros. Talking about gear with photographers who owned an RX100 you'd be apt to hear "I leave the DSLR at home and just bring this RX100 more and more." Each successive RX100 model has reinforced that notion with features and enhancements that made the RX100 II, III and IV pocketable powerhouse cameras.

So with the introduction of the Sony RX100 V this week, we reached out to the Artisans Of Imagery-a group of professional photographers who shoot everything from landscapes and travel to portraits, photojournalism, 4K video and sports-to get their take on what they're most looking forward to using in the new camera.

"Using the new AF system to capturing moving subjects and the new super slow motion video modes." -Colby Brown

"Shooting at 24 fps." -Brian Smith

"Stills capture on this camera has the same rate as when shooting video. I'd like to shoot stills at 24 frames per second for a 5 second burst and use them to create an extremely high quality 6K cinemagraph." -Michael Britt

"The buffer and slow/quick mode" -Tony Gale

"I have been wanting this camera for a long time and now I will purchase it. The improvements in speed and the 4K video performance is going to make this a camera that I will ALWAYS have with me....having an iPhone is great, but this is going to be a pro grade and pro-worthy point and shoot for not only stills but video too....Can't wait!" -Paul Gero

"High speed still images." -Ben Lowy

"Improved AF and 24 fps for stills." -Ben Moon

"I have the RX100 IV and love it. I'm looking forward to the faster focusing for video, the slow mo video and the ability to have 4K in my pocket." -Robert Evans 

"I'm most looking forward to the new phase detection autofocus system for tracking sports. Finally a camera that fits in my pocket that I actually want to bring to my kids basketball game. I may even use it professionally at my weddings." -Mike Colon



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