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RX100 VI Named Best Compact In 2019, RX1R II Best For Pros

Shotkit.com just posted their Best Compact Cameras in 2019, and Sony came out on top. Complete with comprehensive reviews, the article calls out the Sony RX100 VI as the top choice for compact cameras and the RX1R II as the best compact for professionals. Here are some highlights from the ShotKit reviews on each:

Sony RX100 VI

“A powerful, feature-packed, do-everything pocket camera with a truly remarkable zoom lens and blistering shooting performance. Hard to beat.”

“Top of the list is the incredible zoom lens – a 24-200mm, wide to telephoto equivalent range that’ll leave your jaw on the floor.”

“I also love the fact that LCD displays the focal length as you’re zooming, so you can set it to 35mm for example, and leave it there if that’s your preference when shooting primes – this is what I found myself doing, since I rarely shoot at 24mm.”

“Auto Focus performance is incredible, as you can expect from Sony. There are a confusing amount of AF options and modes, but after you find the one you want and set up a button to control Eye AF, it’s pretty hard to actually miss a moment.”

Sony RX1R II

“The ultimate in image quality from a camera of this size. Full frame sensor offers unrivaled low light capabilities and dynamic range. Excellent auto focus too – this camera has it all.”

“Everything feels amazing – the build is great, and dials and switches are reassuringly solid.-feeling The on/off switch is reminiscent of an old range-finder, and far more satisfying than pushing a button, which is the usual way to fire up most compact cameras.”

“I love being able to control the aperture on the lens ring like a rangefinder, and the macro mode is similarly located. The lens in general just feels great – movement of the rings is reassuring and fun to operate.”

See the complete list, full reviews and sample images at Shotkit.com.


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RX100 VI: Taking It To The Streets

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