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See What You Missed At PhotoPlus Expo

If you didn’t make it to the PhotoPlus Expo in October, you can still see some of the highlights from the show. The Sony booth was a hive of activity as avid photographers took in presentations from the Artisans Of Imagery and got a first-hand look at what Sony cameras and lenses can do at three live-action stages in the booth. There was even a VIP lounge where Sony photographers got a break from the hectic show floor, recharged themselves and their devices and had a chance to enjoy a cup of coffee with a photo actually printed on the coffee!

All day on the main presentation stage, the elite Sony Artisans Of Imagery shared their knowledge and experience. If you missed the talks in person, you can still see them here on AlphaUniverse.com

Main Stage Topics

With over 2 million Instagram followers, Chris Burkard gives tips and insights on building a following and getting the most from social media.

Pulitzer-prize winning photographer and original Sony Artisan Brian Smith shows how to take your photos to the next level.

Conservation photographer Cristina Mittermeier shares how she became a photographer and how you can use your photography for a cause.

Miguel Quiles talks through his cameras, lenses and the settings he uses to create polished studio portraits.

The Photo Mom, Me Ra Koh, on her 5 stages of portrait photography growth.

Colby Brown describes how to push your limits in landscape photography and get images that stand out.

National Geographic photographer and filmmaker Bob Krist shows how he gets inspiring portraits on the road.



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