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See Why Chelsea Northrup Is Switching To The Sony Alpha 1

Photographer and YouTube reviewer Chelsea Northrup likes to stay on top of new technology, having tested the Sony Alpha 1, Canon R5 and Nikon Z9. After using all of these cameras for landscapes, travel, portraits and wildlife, she recently announced her decision on her final choice for favorite camera – the Sony Alpha 1. She’ll be making the switch from her Canon to the Alpha 1 and explains more in her video with Tony Northrup below. 

After testing a number of cameras and brands, photographer and YouTube reviewer Chelsea Northrup explains why she’s landed on the Sony Alpha 1.

When testing the Sony Alpha 1 for travel and landscape, she notes how improved the user interface of the camera is and that it had the best Electronic Viewfinder. “I think it has the best lens selection,” she also says.

“Yeah, they really do,” adds Tony. “Because they’ve been doing mirrorless the longest, especially in the wide-angle lenses that are really optimized for the mirrorless short flange distance.”

Next up when using the Alpha 1 for portraits, Chelsea says the camera has the best Eye Autofocus and the sharpest lenses. Her favorite use for the camera, though? When using it for wildlife. “The Sony Alpha 1 won,” says Chelsea. “And do you want to know why? That autofocus and tracking is just bananas, it’s so good.”

“Yeah, after their firmware updates it has gotten really, really amazing,” says Tony. “It will just pick the animal out, even when it’s a little bit out of focus. Even when it’s moving fast. It will lock onto it and just track it.”

She explains her final reasoning for making the switch to the Alpha 1. “I chose the Sony Alpha 1 because I shoot a lot of wildlife, I haven’t been traveling very much lately and I don’t shoot as many portraits so this makes sense for me.”

Learn more about the Sony Alpha 1 HERE. Purchase the Sony Alpha 1 HERE.


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