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10 Reasons To Switch From Canon To Sony

10 Reasons To Switch From Canon To Sony

10 Reasons To Switch From Canon To Sony

Photographer Francisco Joel Hernandez discusses his ten reasons for making the decision to switch from Canon to the Sony mirrorless system. Hernandez specifically mentions the ability of eye auto focus to make him more efficient as a portrait photographer, the electronic view finder helping him see the shot, 4K video quality and the Sony system's weight when it comes to travel photography.

Francisco cites the Sony camera's ability to focus on the subject's eye as the first reason why he decided to make the switch. "For a portrait photographer focusing on the eye is extremely important and eye auto-focus just makes it extremely easy to nail focus on that eye." 

"(4K video) was probably the biggest factor that pushed me into the Sony system... Every single video that I took with the 6D I was just not happy with and the very first video that I shot with my α6500 was just insanely better." - Francisco Joel Hernandez

See more about Hernandez's switch to the Sony mirrorless system on his YouTube channel

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