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Sony α7S Sees In The Dark For Shark Week

One of the best aspects of Discovery's Shark Week is the use of new technology to gain a deeper understanding of sharks. Inventive filmmakers make use of the latest tools to give the audience never before seen glimpses into the way sharks live. Jeff Kurr is one of these filmmakers. A few years ago Kurr saw the potential for the ultra-high-speed Phantom camera for capturing dramatic footage of great whites as they fly out of the water hunting their prey. For this year's Shark Week, the low-light capability of the Sony α7S literally inspired the creation of a show as Kurr and his team used the α7S to create Air Jaws: Night Stalker.

In an interview on Discovery's Sharkopedia website, Kurr says, "So when my director of photography Tony Sacco sent me "night" clips shot on the Sony α7S, I thought, 'Here's another great opportunity to film sharks in a way they'd never been seen before.' The α7S can literally see in the dark. Meaning that it can produce an image in total darkness without the use of artificial lights."  

Kurr continues, "The camera's capabilities allowed us to shoot things we'd only dreamed about previously. When life-and-death struggles are going on between shark and seal, the last thing you want to do as a filmmaker is shine a light on the battle and influence the outcome. The α7S allowed us to be completely non-intrusive as filmmakers because we didn't need lights. As Chris Fallows put it so well in the film, it allowed us to be "invisible spectators" into the nightlife of the great white."


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