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Sony Announces 5G mmWave Compatible Device “Xperia PRO”

Sony today announced plans to develop a 5G mmWave compatible Xperia PRO device designed for professional solutions, such as broadcast video production(1). The device will include camera and display capabilities from Xperia 1 II (Learn more about Xperia 1 II), ensuring high-quality video viewing and photography.

Additionally, it will include Sony’s unique 4-way antenna technology and low- permittivity materials, increasing the sensitivity of 360-degree omnidirectional communication in the 5G mmWave band, where it is difficult to maintain stable communication, and realizes data transmission and reception at ultra-high speed. In addition, Xperia PRO has a unique monitor function that displays the connection direction of 5G mmWave and data transmission/reception speed on the screen. Xperia PRO supports professional broadcast video transmission workflows by visualizing and confirming communication status. 

Xperia PRO will also support an HDMI(2) connection , which allows the device to be connected to virtually any camera with an HDMI output. While using the camera as a monitor for interchangeable lens DSLR cameras or professional camcorders, it is possible to transmit broadcast video data during shooting to a server or cloud via 5G connection.

Please follow #SonyXperiaUS on Twitter and visit @SonyXperiaUS on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for all of the latest news on Xperia.

1) Supports multiple high frequency bands such as 28GHz. Also supports Sub6 (frequency bands below 6GHz).

2) Micro HDMI (Type D)

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