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Sony RX100 V: Underwater Standout

Size matters. Many underwater photographers carry large DSLR cameras that need an equally large housing not to mention the array of accessories required to produce the image desired. With the Sony RX100 V's combination of size, quality and versatility, Larry Cohen of B&H Explora has deemed it "one of the best." 

"Because of the processor, image quality is exceptional and low-light performance is excellent, with low noise levels. The camera produces images that are very close and often comparable to ones produced by a camera with an APS-C sensor. In addition to quality stills, the camera captures 4K video and 4K slow motion." 

Due to the small size and incredible capabilities of the Sony RX100 V and its underwater housing options, many renowned underwater photographers and videographers are taking advantage and trading in their large DSLRs for this point-and-shoot powerhouse. "Because of the quality and compact size of this system, many photographers are now using it in place of their large camera systems..." - Larry Cohen, B&H Explora

One key benefit of the RX100 V is its lens. When you have interchangeable lenses, the choice must be made before the photographer is in the water. The ability of the RX100 V's built-in Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar 8.8-25.7mm (35mm equivalent: 24-70mm) lens allows the use of "wide-angle and macro conversion wet lenses on the outside of the housing port. With this system, you could change lenses underwater. Now you can capture whale sharks and nudibranchs on the same dive."

To see all the benefits of the Sony RX100 V and its underwater housing options, read Larry Cohen's article on BHPhotoVideo.com

And check out this video from Fantasea that showcases their line of RX100 underwater housings and shows footage shot with the RX100.




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