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How A Fashion-Shooter Switched To Sony

The mantra "I got rid of my Canon and switched to Sony" has become commonplace among advanced photographers. When long-time LA-based fashion photographer and Canon user Steven Starr got the itch to make a switch, he was methodical about doing his research. In his Petapixel article, Starr describes his due-diligence, "Like many of you, I read spec sheets, listen to reviews, and watch YouTube videos to see how one system compares to another; however, at the end of the day for me, it comes down to what works for my style and my workflow."

Even the most thorough investigation of specs wasn't enough to fully sway him. Starr had to try the gear for himself before deciding whether he wanted to ditch the DSLR and commit to an α7R II and α6300 mirrorless system. "Since I had never shot mirrorless before, and not wanting to invest into something that may not work, I opted to find an older body to buy vs rent. I found a demo Sony NEX-7 at Frye’s here in L.A. on clearance for $229."

With an NEX-7 in hand, Starr proceeded to become a mirrorless convert. “I lived with this camera for a good six to eight weeks; at the end of my time with it, I was sold.” 

In the article on Petapixel, Starr goes past the 'why' of his conversion and describes how he did it. Read about his testing process and how he pit the mirrorless system against DSLRs and even medium-format film cameras.   


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