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There's Nothing Else Quite Like Kando Trip

Kando Trip 2.0 will take place May 9-12 at Asilomar in the beautiful coastal city of Monterey, California. If you’re looking to step up your game and build your skill set as a creator, this event – unlike any other – is an experience you don’t want to miss. This year attendees will be able to choose between 20+ interactive classes and workshops taught by a group of exceptional photographers and videographers. Classes will be both on site and on location, so guests will have every opportunity to capture and create a collection of their own unique content to share with the world. See below for just a glimpse into what you can expect at the most inspiring and fulfilling creative experience this year.

Immerse Yourself in Monterey

Featuring stunning views and notable attractions, Monterey, CA is the perfect location for a creator’s playground. Capture the most picturesque locations of the Big Sur Coast as Sony Artisans Don Smith and Gary Hart, both experienced photographers of over 30 years and seasoned workshop leaders, give their tips for stunning landscape shots. Two separate classes will be offered, including a morning trek to photograph some of California’s famed redwood trees.

Other immersive opportunities:

Broaden Your Skill Set

The assortment of classes at Kando Trip 2.0 have been carefully selected to reflect the quickly-evolving photography industry and its technology. In today’s multimedia world, many photographers are being asked to shoot and deliver video stories for their clients in addition to still images. Sony Artisan and National Geographic photographer and filmmaker Bob Krist will lead a class focusing on the specific technical hurdles that a still photographer faces while making the transition to video. Learn about the elements of character, how to find a plot, and the basic elements of visual storytelling.

You can also expect:

  • Post-processing tips and strategies from Sony Artisan Matt Kloskowski.
  • Fundamentals of virtual reality from the team at Two Bit Circus.
  • Portraiture techniques from Sony Artisan Brian Smith 
  • Much, much more!

Build Your Brand

Building your brand and business as a creator is an important aspect of the industry that couldn’t be left out of the Kando Trip experience.

  • Sony Artisans Colby Brown and Chris Burkard will be there to lead an interactive session on social media and digital storytelling to help you get noticed in today’s ultra-competitive world of photography and video.
  • Sara France, owner of France Photographers, will also be there to share her story of uniting a tribe of loyal people to reach and share success.

With such a variety of classes and workshops led by a dream team of photographers, filmmakers, educators and social experts, Kando Trip 2.0 is sure to be an inspiring experience that will take your creativity to the next level. Are you ready to stretch your creative boundaries? See the full list of classes and instructors and apply today for Kando Trip 2.0!


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