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This Capture Of A Special Holiday Moment Wins The Alpha Female+ #SonyHolidays Challenge

Amy Dangerfield (@amydangerfieldphotography) is the winner of the Alpha Female+ #SonyHolidays Challenge for this image of her daughter soaking in the holiday sights and sounds during a local drive-through light show. Keep reading to learn more about how she captured the special moment. 


Photo by Amy Dangerfield

Amy Dangerfield is the winner of the Alpha Female+ #SonyHolidays Challenge for this image of her daughter enjoying a drive-through holiday light show.

“Due to the pandemic, my husband’s company changed their big Christmas party to giving each employee a ticket to a local drive-through Christmas light show,” Dangerfield explains. “I was actually sitting, well, more like awkwardly cramped, backwards in the passenger seat for the first 40 minutes and my back was giving up at this point so I was forced to turn around. Right after I switched my position, we drove through this section where they started to play the song from Frozen and started to release artificial snow. Living in our part of Arizona, we don’t get to see snow much at all so my daughter was excited to see the artificial snow flakes falling as real ones, especially paired with her favorite song from Frozen.”

She continues, “I knew I wanted to document this moment of her trying to catch the snow with the glow of wonder in her eyes but I didn’t have time or the physical strength to turn back around. Also with my documentary approach, I don’t ask my kids to pose or recreate something generally so I needed to act fast before she decided to get back into the car or the song/snow ended. I started to see if I could somehow frame her in the mirror within a clean space because that’s the only way to include her while facing forward – and also I always love a good framing composition. Then I realized that I can also see a reflection of myself in the mirror which is always a good bonus to get myself in the same frame as well. So I stayed with this composition and shot through the moment until she came back into the car. I ended up liking this image the best among all the photos I took that day because of the different perspective and composition as well as the fact that I was able to get my own reflection in the frame in a subtle way.”

For winning the challenge, Amy receives a Sony ZV-1 camera. From now until February 13, 2022, post your best self-portrait on Instagram for your chance to win a Sony ZV-1. Follow and tag @sonyalphafemale and use #sonyalphafemale and #sonyselfportrait in your post for your chance to win. The winner will be notified via DM on Instagram and you can see the Official Contest Rules for details.

You can be a part of our Alpha Female community. Join our Facebook group HERE and follow us on Instagram HERE.


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