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Watch The Sony Alpha 9 III In Action

The Sony Alpha 9 III is the elite. The best of the best. In their hands, these photographers and filmmakers are making it even better as they push what it can do. They're capturing the fleeting moments of high-speed sports events and the intense focus of a bird in flight and they're using the Sony Alpha 9 III's global shutter, pre-capture, advanced autofocus capabilities and high-speed burst shooting to ensure no detail is missed. Keep reading as we explore the power and versatility of the Sony Alpha 9 III through the lens of professionals who are using the camera to push boundaries of creative expression.

See how Sony photographers are putting the Sony Alpha 9 III to use for sports photography, wedding and portrait, wildlife, and more.

Taylor Jackson

Creator Taylor Jackson shares a full day of wedding photography and behind the scenes with the Sony Alpha 9 III and the Sony 35mm f/1.4 G Master and Sony 85mm f/1.8

Jan Wegener

Bird photographer Jan Wegener challenges himself to photograph birds from his backyard with the Sony Alpha 9 III. “Now finally we can take photos that we’ve always dreamt of that we could never capture because the cameras weren’t able to capture images like we did today.”

DPReview TV

DPReview TV takes the Sony Alpha 9 III for a test spin, sharing various video clips and sample footage using the camera below. Watch as they cycle through different features to show its video capabilities.


In this livestream replay, TheCameraStoreTV is joined by sports photojournalist Nick Didlick to take a deep dive into the Sony Alpha 9 III. Watch as Didlick discusses the advantages to using the camera while shooting sports and see some of the incredible sports moments he’s already captured with it.

Miguel Quiles (Sony Alpha Universe)

Sony Artisan and portrait photographer Miguel Quiles takes the Sony Alpha 9 III outdoors for a portrait session using off-camera flash. See how he’s able to create stunning portraits with the camera anytime, anywhere.


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