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Welcome To Camera Camp

Sony events have broken new ground in the industry, bringing creators together via immersive experiences where they can collaborate, network, and learn to improve their craft. It’s these types of events that inspired YouTubers iJustine and Jenna Ezarik to partner with Sony to create Camera Camp: an experience tailored to many different types of YouTubers – from experienced veterans to up and comers – to learn and create amidst an amazing community and beautiful location.

From September 19th through the 23rd, the inaugural Camera Camp event will be happening at Flathead Lake in Montana, surrounded by some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country including the iconic Glacier National Park. The event will be broken up into two parts. For the first half, Jenna and Justine have invited some of their closest YouTube friends. Then, for the second half, they'll welcome a new group of creators to the Camera Camp experience.

Justine and Jenna are YouTube pioneers whose success on YouTube is a direct reflection of their work ethic, determination and creativity. “For Jenna and I,” says iJustine, “The idea for Camera Camp came from our experiences at Sony’s Kando Trip events. We wanted to bring the same level of community and passion to the video creator market that Kando has created for photography.”

“We've been to many big conventions focused around YouTubers before,” adds Jenna. “But there was just something really special about Kando. The experience of being able to connect, bond and meet new people was unlike any other event we had been to before. Our hope for Camera Camp is to allow so many more of our colleagues to be able to experience that same level of community.”

In addition to iJustine, Jenna, the creators and workshop guests, @sonyalpha will be showcasing all of their latest products at the event, helping to bring Jenna and Justine’s vision to reality.

To follow all of the action, keep up with #SonyCameraCamp and @sonyalpha and @cameracamplife on Instagram and Twitter.


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