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What Goes Into Building The Best 50mm Lens? Sony Designers Tell The Inside Story.

The Sony 50mm f/1.2 G Master lens delivers high-performance autofocus, impressive sharpness and beautiful bokeh. Digital Camera World has already rated it “the very best super-fast 50mm prime for full-frame mirrorless cameras right now” and creators are calling it a total game changer. So what goes into building a powerhouse professional G Master lens? In this interview, Sony sits down with members of the lens’ development team to go behind the technology. Learn more as Product Leader & Optical Design Lead Atsuo Kikuchi, Mechanical Design Lead Yuichiro Takata and Actuator Control Lead Yuki Mizuno, explain how the Sony 50mm f/1.2 G Master was designed from the ground up to work with the Sony Alpha mirrorless system.

Learn more about the technology that goes into the Sony 50mm f/1.2 G Master in this interview with the lens’ development team.

“Speaking as an optical designer, it's no exaggeration to call this lens the pinnacle of the G Master series, with the ultimate in resolution and bokeh,” explains Kikuchi. “I look forward to our customers experiencing the beautiful bokeh and high resolution of this F1.2 lens for themselves.” 

Kikuchi continues, “Despite being F1.2, this lens achieves a superb balance with both compactness and high performance, and some aspects that are difficult to communicate with specs alone. I encourage creators to try it for themselves. The lens packs the whole spectrum of Sony technologies. So as a lens engineer, I'd be very happy to see users shoot a wide variety of scenes with it.”

“It's a really flexible lens with many possible uses and users—from professionals to enthusiasts,” says Mizuno. “There's never been an F1.2 lens like this before. It's not only great for uses like portraiture and weddings, but the high-performance autofocus also makes it superb at capturing fleeting moments and tracking rapidly moving subjects in sporting events and the like.”

“This compact F1.2 lens also provides excellent performance for movie shooting,” explains Takata. “Handheld or gimballed, the autofocus performance makes it easy to track subjects even with a shallow depth of field at F1.2. And the quietness of the autofocus and aperture combined with a smooth, precise and responsive manual focus ring, makes it very appealing for videographers as well. I hope people will enjoy new forms of visual expression for movies.”

Read the full interview to learn more about the making of the Sony 50mm f/1.2 G Master HERE.


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Digital Camera World Rates Sony 50mm f/1.2 G Master Best Super-Fast 50mm Prime For Mirrorless

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