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Why Everyday Dad Thinks You Should Buy The Sony α6600

The Sony α6600 contains many of the features found in Sony's high-end full-frame cameras. YouTube reviewer "The Everyday Dad" has already walked us through some tips and tricks to utilizing those features, and now he's back in his most recent video to discuss how the α6600 has totally won him over and why. See some of the reasons why he’s calling this camera an absolute powerhouse.

“I think the image quality coming out of the α6600 is some of Sony’s best ever.” – Hear more from YouTube reviewer “The Everyday Dad” on why you should buy this camera.

Image Quality

“I think the image quality coming out of the α6600 is some of Sony’s best ever. I mean I’ve been pretty darn pleased with what I’ve gotten out of this camera over the last month or so. I’ve actually really liked the Sony color since the α7 III hit the market, which is what we’re shooting on now. And it just gets better and better with every new release. The α6400 is amazing, the RX100 VII is amazing. I like that they continue to iterate each time they release a camera.”

Video/Battery Life

“And it’s not only the image quality that’s good, you get unlimited recording on this camera. You hit the record button (or you hit the shutter button because you’ve reprogrammed the shutter button to be a record button - do that) ...you hit that button and so long as there’s power and media it will just keep going.”

“This thing just by itself can record for crazy amounts of time.”


“One of the major strong suits of any Sony camera, not just this one, is the internal preamps are pretty darn good. You can take a real budget microphone and get fantastic results because you get a lot of room in here. You can manually set the audio gain inside of here to increase or decrease the overall internal gain in ways that just let you maximize almost any microphone.”


“The Sony phase detection is insane, and this tiny camera has the most cutting-edge of this cutting-edge tech.”

“Does it work? Yes it works fantastically well. The new thing that both the α6600 and the α7R IV have in common, is when recording video, you keep the eye tracking autofocus – which is insane.”

Watch the full video from The Everyday Dad’s YouTube Channel:


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