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Tony Gale

“Photography allows me to capture moments in time that would otherwise not exist, whether it is a fleeting expression, a brief smile or just a simple, beautiful gesture. It is truly magical.”
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Tony Gale

Tony Gale is an award winning portrait photographer. Tony was raised in Bellingham, Washington (90 miles north of Seattle) and spent most of his time as a child exploring the woods behind his parents’ house. At 19, after visiting Bruce Lee's grave in Seattle, and taking his first photo with a disposable camera, he bought his first camera. He promptly broke it and bought his first SLR. At 21 he moved to Seattle to pursue photography and in fall of 2000 moved to NYC, the center of the world. Tony shoots for a variety of editorial, corporate and advertising clients, creating compelling images to tell his clients stories. Tony has taught at Parsons, SVA, and FIT, has led workshops and spoken about photography across the country. He is the APA National president and a triathlete in his spare time.

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