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Long Exposure Photography Master Class – 4-Part Online Series

Join Kenmore Camera and Sony Artisan Thibault Roland for a four-part online webinar series on long exposure photography. 

Photography is diverse and rich, spanning subjects and areas ranging from portraiture to landscape, from underwater to photography of war.

In most people's mind, photography must be truthful. It has to depict a scene, a situation, a subject in a manner that is objective. But truth be told, a photograph is also a form of art. It is the result of its author's point of view, emotions and interactions with the subject at the time.

So why not embrace this approach? Why not encourage the author to develop their own vision, their own methods, and their own intimate and unique perspective? Why not leave reality aside and instead "create" photographs using one's vision?

Long exposure is a technique that does just that: it transforms reality into something else, into something more, into a dialogue between the photographer/artist, the subject and viewer. Long exposure is a different approach to photography, one that comes from within and uses what's out there in order to produce unique and breathtaking images.

In these days of uncertainty where staying home can save lives, why not make the best of this time to learn new skills? In this series of four classes, Kenmore Camera and Thibault Roland offer you the unique opportunity to discover the long exposure technique and how you can use it once it’s time to get out in the field in order to improve your technique and images.

During the first class of this exceptional event you will learn about the theory of long exposure and discover what equipment is needed to get started. In the following two sessions Thibault will demonstrate in Photoshop his best tricks to shape his long exposure raw images into very intimate and personal visions of his subjects. Last but not least, the participants will be encouraged to shoot and edit their own pictures as homework and present them during an image critique session that will end with a few final words and more editing tricks.

Each lecture runs on consecutive Saturdays, 10am -11:00am (PT) with a 30 minute Q&A to follow.

Long Exposure: From Theory to Practice - Sat. April 25
Editing Long Exposure Images: The Basics - Sat. May 2
Editing Long Exposure Images: Going the Extra Mile - Sat. May 9
Image Critique and final words/tricks - Sat. May 16

**Each class will be building upon the previous and your attendance to each one is important in the continuity of learning the content. If you purchased the package, and you are unable to attend one class, email us and we can get you the recording of the class you missed. However we encourage you to be available for the online times before purchasing in respect to the instructor and other participants.

Kenmore Camera and Sony are offering this series as an exceptionally affordable package to help people to continue learning and expanding their photographic skills during these difficult and uncertain times, when many photographers are out of work. This is a great opportunity to learn from one of Sony's top Artisans of Imagery in a Live Online course at a very discounted price. **Those that attend all 4 classes will also receive a $40 Kenmore Camera Gift Card at the conclusion of the series.

Learn more and register here.

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