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We're Talking About NFTs With The Alpha Collective's Nate Luebbe

In this episode of the Alpha Universe podcast we connect with landscape photographer and Alpha Collective member Nate Luebbe about NFTs. In Tech Talk we take a look at a feature in some Sony cameras that allows you to make huge image files up to 240 megapixels. Then we get some Do This Now tips from Nate Luebbe for taking your first steps into the world of NFTs.

Landscapes, NFTs & A Huge Financial Opportunity

Pivoting from an early career as a brewer, Nate is living the dream as a landscape and adventure photographer and filmmaker. Known to his followers on Instagram as @NateInTheWild, he travels the world creating imagery at the dramatic edges of the day. Nate has a passion for exploring new technologies—he recently sent an Alpha 7S III into the stratosphere on a weather balloon to film an aurora (from above!)—and he’s been exploring the fast-developing world of NFTs. In our interview, Alpha Universe’s Christopher Robinson speaks with Nate to talk about NFTs and the huge financial opportunities they’re creating for photographers.

Links to Nate Luebbe’s NFTs on Foundation HERE and Open Sea HERE.

Also, in our interview, Nate and Christopher talked about fellow Alpha Collective member Cath Simard’s recent NFT drop on Super Rare. You can see more about it our article HERE

One of the early adopters of NFTs was JN Silva. See more about his projects HERE

Tech Talk: Understanding Pixel Shift In Sony Cameras

The Sony Alpha 7R III and Alpha 7R IV have a capability that allows you to make extra-high resolution images. The feature, called Pixel Shift, is used in conjunction with Sony’s Imaging Edge software to make a series of exposures of the subject, shifting the sensor by a tiny amount between each exposure. When the Pixel Shift image is opened in Imaging Edge, the exposures are combined into a single huge image file. Some NFT creators have found value in having such massive image files. 

The limitations of this in-camera feature is that it’s designed to work on subjects that don’t move, and you need to have your camera firmly-anchored down when you’re making the exposures. If you have the memory card space and the computer power, give it a try.

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This episode of the Alpha Universe Podcast is sponsored by Sony and Produced by Christopher Robinson. The Executive Producer is Alex Stevens. Our Engineer is Andy Brohard. Special thanks to the Sony Digital Imaging team for their continued support of the show.

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