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“5 Things I Learned From Working With Sony Artisans Amber & Garrette Baird”

Sony's Artisans of Imagery include some of the most respected and admired creators in the industry, and having the chance to learn from their experience firsthand is an opportunity any creator would be lucky to come by. Wedding videographer Aaron Pea recently had just such an opportunity when he was asked to assist Sony Artisans Amber and Garrette Baird of Eyenamics with shooting a wedding, and he details some of the major takeaways from his experience in his blog.

“Amber and Garrette have been filming weddings for over 15 years. They have made sacrifices. They have been where you are - probably in situations just as tough. They have treated people right and made the most of where they are. Even where they are now is no walk in the park. With higher-end clientele comes more expectations and responsibilities.”

From putting more merit into the value of your gear, to realizing that there’s no such thing as an overnight success, the Baird’s had plenty to teach from their experiences capturing over 600 cinematic weddings. Pea was impressed with the high level of professionalism always maintained by the two.

“Psychic powers. Yep, I am pretty positive I found out what they do at those Sony events. They transmit superpowers like the ‘Psychic Ability Mark 4’. I swear Amber and Garrette have psychic abilities. They were like SEAL's executing a mission. There was no guessing who did what while they seamlessly captured these once in a lifetime moments. Or maybe it was working together for thousands of hours? That's one-way professionalism looks.”

Read the full blog entry here.


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