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5 Key Video Features On The Sony Alpha 6700

Due to its outstanding video features and value, creator Miguel Quiles says the Sony Alpha 6700 is quickly becoming one of his favorite hybrid cameras. Watch the video below as the Sony Artisan shares his top five favorite video features you’ll find in the APS-C camera. “These five features make this camera a pleasure to use when it comes to video.” Learn more about the Sony Alpha 6700 HERE.

1. Auto-Framing

The Auto-Framing feature is incredibly helpful for those recording content on their own. The Sony Alpha 6700 has a built-in AI processor that allows it to crop in and reframe your image while you are recording your video, adding that extra level of production quality without having to add crew members. Quiles explains, “I can customize the settings within the camera menu and choose where I want to be placed within the frame, as well as how fast the framing or the cropping function tracks me as I move around.”

2. 4K 60/120P

The Sony Alpha 6700 also comes with the ability to shoot 4K video up to 120 frames per second. It is one of the very first APS-C Alpha-series cameras that allows you to do this, and is an incredibly useful feature for video shooters. Quiles says, “Being able to shoot at 60 and 120 frames per second gives you options to capture beautiful slow-motion footage in beautiful 4:2:2 10-bit color.”

He continues, “Something that I don’t think is talked about enough is that, it only records in these high-quality formats, but there’s a dedicated AI processor inside. You actually get Real-Time Tracking and Eye Auto-Focus with this feature. This combination means that I can focus more on composing my shots and making sure everything looks the way I want it, and less time worrying about tracking and focusing.” This feature also works with the camera’s touch screen and can be set to automatically adjust your exposure as well – a big time feature that Quiles says he uses all the time.

3. AI Tracking

Quiles calls the AI Tracking a cornerstone for many of the awesome features that the Sony Alpha 6700 provides. “Because there’s a dedicated AI process in this camera,” he explains, “I can use some of the most advanced auto focus tracking features available on any Alpha camera today.”

He continues, “It’s able to track people’s heads and eyes in the frame, but it also knows how your body is positioned within the frame to give you the kind of autofocus that you can rely on to get things done quickly. It also tracks things like animals, birds, trains, cars, planes and insects.”

4. Active Stabilization

Those who are familiar with recording video of themselves while holding the camera are also familiar with the battle to control camera shake. This feature on the Sony Alpha 6700 helps vloggers with this issue. “With the Active Mode Stabilization feature, it smoothes out those moving shots better than any Alpha 6000 series camera to date. You can even use this feature when you’re shooting video in 4K 60 frames per second, which paired up with the other features that we talked about earlier, it makes the Sony Alpha 6700 so powerful for shooting high-quality videos.”

5. Custom User Luts

This Sony Alpha 6700 feature is another first for the Alpha 6000 series – the ability to use your own user LUTs for video. “This is a feature that I’ve been waiting for and I’m so excited to see in this compact body,” Quiles explains. “I have several LUTs that I use that I typically have to view in Adobe Premiere when I’m editing my video. But with this feature I can actually add those same LUTs to my SD card and I can watch my footage with that LUT applied on the monitor.”

He continues, “If you’re like me and you shoot your videos in S-Cinetone, HLG or S-Log3, you can apply your LUTs to the monitor and get a better idea of what your footage is going to look like once you’re done with it in post.”

Learn more about the Sony Alpha 6700 HERE.

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