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5 YouTube Videos For You To Binge Right Now

You never know what our adventurous and creative Sony Artisans are up to next, but a good way to keep up is through the Sony Alpha Universe YouTube Channel. Through special video projects and multi-episode series, the Sony Artisans are introducing us to other awesome creatives, providing insight from their experiences and teaching us what they’ve learned over the years. Check out these five binge-worthy YouTube videos below and subscribe to the Alpha Universe YouTube Channel for more.

Check out these 5 binge-worthy videos from the Sony Alpha Universe YouTube Channel, featuring our Sony Artisans of Imagery.

The Knifemaker

Filmmaker and Sony Artisan Michael Rubenstein has worked on documenting the art of craftsmanship for a long time. Much of his work includes capturing and telling the stories of interesting people, and in his latest short film, “The Knifemaker,” Rubenstein gives us a glimpse into the life of knife artist and handmade culinary knife creator Chelsea Miller.

Exploring Iceland With Chris Burkard & Andrew Alexander King

In Episode 5 of First Take With Chris Burkard, the Sony Artisan is joined by Andrew Alexander King (@andrew_alexander_king), an African American explorer, climber, surfer and meditator. Watch as the two go on a hunt for hot springs with a local guide and discuss how meditation and self-reflection can yield better results when it comes to photography, adventure and beyond.  

How Jen Sulak Confronts Fear Through Photography

In Episode 3 of Facing Creativity with Brooke Shaden, the Sony Artisan meets with experimental photographer and artist Jen Sulak (@pinklightimages) for an important discussion followed by a compelling photo shoot. Watch as the two discuss confronting fear and show us that no matter where you are in your journey, the battle to confidently living life on your terms always brings doubt.

Get Wild In Wyoming With Drew Geraci

In Episode 3 of Reframed With Drew Geraci, the Sony Artisan takes you to the great outdoors to discuss high-resolution cinematography and photography while searching for some of his favorite animals in the area – capturing it all in beautiful 8K and 4K 120p resolution.

Unsung Heroes: A Portrait Mission In San Francisco’s Chinatown

Watch to learn more about Sony Artisan of Imagery Zabrina Deng’s latest project where she is on a mission to capture portraits of the unsung heroes of San Francisco’s Chinatown to highlight these women who make the community thrive. 


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Go Hunting For Hot Springs In Episode 5 Of First Take With Chris Burkard

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Get Wild In Wyoming In Episode 3 Of Reframed With Drew Geraci

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