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Applications Are Open For Alpha Female+ Grants. Apply Now To Win More Than $8000 in Cash & Gear.

The newest season of Alpha Female+ has officially begun, and applications are now open! 12 grant packages, each with more than $8000 in cash and Sony Alpha gear, are available. And once you apply with a project, your application stays in the running for all of the remaining grant periods. You can also apply with a separate project once per grant period, so you can submit up to 12 projects to be considered if you start now. The deadline for the first grant period is May 2, 2021. See the official rules along with more information on grant periods and deadlines in our contest guidelines. Learn more about the application process below and access the application HERE

What You Need To Complete Your Alpha Female+ Application

  1. A personal introduction video (Youtube/Vimeo link)
  2. A proposal describing your project
  3. A video reel of your work (required for video projects) AND/OR a completed Public Photo Gallery in your Alpha Universe Profile (required for photo projects).

Background Info In Section 1 & 2

Most of sections 1 and 2 are basic information about you, what kind of photography or filmmaking you do and how we can get in touch with you. In section 2 we ask for a one-minute video that gives us a chance to get to know a little about you. You can shoot your application video in any way you prefer, including with your computer's camera, or with your phone. The video is meant to give us a great sense of who you are and to have a visual introduction to your persona. It's up to you if you’d like to submit your video exactly as you shot it, or if you’d like to edit it using other footage as well. The only requirement is that you are on camera introducing yourself, and not just doing a voice-over.

500 Words To Tell Us About Your Proposal

For the Project Proposal in section 3, this is your opporunity to tell us about your project and how you plan to use the grant money and the gear to complete it within one month. You have 3000 characters which works out to about 500 words. Be thoughtful and give the judges sense of the full scope of project and why you want to pursue it.  

Make An Alpha Universe Profile And Submit Some Samples Of Your Work

Section 4 asks for samples of your work. If you're proposing a video project, we ask that you provide a link to a demo reel or similar video. The link can be unlisted, but it cannot require a password. If you're proposing a photography project, you must submit an Alpha Universe Profile that includes your name, profile photo, bio and at least 5 samples of your photography in the gallery. You must set your gallery and profile to "public."

A Couple Of Final Clicks And You're Done! 

And that's it. Review all of the terms and conditions and in section 5 click "Submit". Your application will be in the running for an Alpha Female+ grant.


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