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Celebrate The Holidays With The Sony Community On YouTube

The holiday season is in full swing, with traditions, decorations and joyous celebrations abound. We're celebrating by slipping into cozy sweaters and fuzzy socks while immersing ourselves in the enchanting world of these talented photographer’s YouTube channels. Delve into the wintry landscapes and festive cheer captured by these creatives as they share their unique perspectives. Don’t forget to subscribe to the Alpha Universe YouTube Channel for even more fun and inspiring content.

We're celebrating the holiday season by slipping into cozy sweaters & fuzzy socks while immersing ourselves in the enchanting world of talented photographers on YouTube.

Toms Jurjaks

Toms Jurjaks, a photographer fascinated by nature and wildlife, utilizes his YouTube platform to emphasize that adventure, mood, and environment outweigh the significance of gear in photography. Through engaging "point of view" videos and insightful gear reviews, he demonstrates this philosophy. In one captivating video, he strolls through a snowy setting, capturing moments with his Sony Alpha 6000 and Sony 85mm f/1.8 – a true wellspring of inspiration for wintery days.


824am, a vibrant vlogger stationed in Bangkok, Thailand, delivers cinematic vlogs brimming with holiday vibes. Using her Sony ZV-E1, her videos offer an immersive experience into the ambiance of each day's vlog, making the Christmas-themed content a delight to watch. We love the video below, featuring the bright lights of the holidays.

Mike Will

Mike Will is a creative photographer known for his vibrant urban style. He is based in London, UK but travels all over the world to create content and energetic brand campaigns, his portfolio includes night cityscapes, travel, landscapes, music festivals and portraits. Watching Will on YouTube feels like you’re just his pal, going on adventures with him. He shows behind the scenes of many of his shoots and gives advice on composition, editing and photographic style. Below he shares a Christmas-themed street photography session with his Sony 85mm f/1.4 G Master.

Cecilia Blomdahl

Living on Svalbard, an arctic island close to the North Pole, Cecilia Blomdahl, a dedicated content creator originally from Sweden, documents her life in this remote, high-north location. Transitioning from odd jobs to becoming a full-time content creator, her YouTube chronicles the unique experiences of residing in such a secluded area. Armed with the Sony Alpha 7S III and the Sony Alpha 7C, she showcases her home's Christmas preparations in a captivating vlog.

Mark McGee

Mark McGee, a content creator and portrait photographer, radiates a contagious sense of fun and humor while educating others on camera techniques, lighting, and Photoshop skills. In a particularly engaging vlog, McGee ventures out in -7 Celsius weather with his Sony Alpha 7 III, sharing invaluable tips for both personal and equipment protection in extreme cold. His inclusion of the editing process offers a comprehensive insight into his creative workflow.


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