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Chef Turned Filmmaker Kristin Atwood Wins Alpha Female+ Grant

Kristin Atwood is a chef-turned-filmmaker. Her YouTube channel, Chef Studio, is more than the usual cooking channel, it’s where food meets film. For her Alpha Female+ Grant project, Kristin is creating a five-part series called “Flight of the Bumblebees” where she’ll apply her visually-stunning film style to the creation of five dishes inspired by, “the beauty of spring, summer and all that honeybees do during this time.”  

She says, “The goal of the series is simple, to entertain and create a relaxing escape for the viewer, giving the audience space to breathe, relax and unwind.” Kristin’s films are mesmerizing to watch. Even if you aren’t remotely interested in cooking, her presentation is a visual exploration that draws you in. In the “Flight of the Bumblebees” project, Kristin will create that immersive experience through sophisticated filmmaking techniques including animations, projection mapping and virtual LED backgrounds. 

Kristin’s films are more than an end unto themselves. “As someone who's neurodivergent,” Kristin explains, “I often struggled to find moments of calm, and I found that creating has become a way for me to kind of cultivate peace and channel my thoughts into something positive. One of the most rewarding things about sharing what I do on the Chef Studio channel has been finding out that the work that I do not only helps me, but also helps others to find these moments of calm throughout their day.”

We’re eager to see how the “Flight of the Bumblebees” series comes out and to sharing more about the series’ creation over the next several weeks. Keep up with the project here at alphauniverese.com and follow along @sonyalphafemale on Instagram and on the Alpha Female Facebook page.

See more of Kristin Atwood's work on her Alpha Universe Profile and create your own public Creator Profile HERE

Do you have a photo or video project that you believe in? Learn more about the Alpha Female+ Grant program and how to apply HERE.


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