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Chris Burkard’s Life Of Adventure In “North To The Future" – Shot On The Sony α7S III

Sony Artisan Chris Burkard is known for pursuing adventure and photographing rare and remote landscapes. He's incredibly passionate about what he does and about sharing the places he's seen with others. Something that we don’t always hear about though, is the challenge of leaving family and loved ones at home in order to get out and chase that passion. In “North To The Future,” a new short film shot entirely on the Sony α7S III, Burkard speaks to his kids about why he does what he does, shares his hopes that they too will be inspired to follow their passions, and that above all, they are still his greatest adventure.

“If you have built your life and career around traveling with a camera, as many professionals have,” explains Burkard, “then you know the constant struggle and pain of leaving behind the ones you love in order to experience something new. Even if just for a few days. ‘North to the Future’ is a short from my recent trip assignment to Alaska that gives an honest and intimate look at my texts, calls and emails home to my wife and two sons. I hope some can relate to this stripped down look at how I attempt to translate the beauty of what I see to my kids at home.”

Throughout the short film Burkard is in Alaska at Wrangell - St. Elias, America’s largest national park. With the α7S III, he captures the impressive landscape – much of the time while hanging outside of a plane since that’s the best way to access most of the area.

“For me, this camera is just as much a stills camera as a video camera,” says Burkard. “You can rely on the good color definition and you can shoot this camera how it’s meant to be shot, with your subject moving and everything active – you don’t have to slow down your scene.”


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Renan Ozturk Filming A Moonwalk With The New α7S III: “...like having night vision.”

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