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#CreatorConversations: Highlights From Our AMA With Peter McBride

#CreatorConversations is an AMA (Ask Me Anything) series hosted by @sonyalpha on Instagram. As part of the series, we were joined by photographer and filmmaker Peter McBride (@pedromcbride). See some of the highlights below as the Sony Artisan shares how he got his start, the importance of storytelling & more. Visit the Instagram post for the full AMA and make sure you’re following @sonyalpha and #CreatorConversations to stay connected.

“As we move through these unprecedented times, I know I’ll be watching and listening closely to try to understand it all and find a path to the next story.” – Peter McBride #CreatorConversations

“How did you start getting into serious work and getting contracts?” – @fillyx_

Peter: “I started small at a newspaper where I honed story telling. Find a place to work on your craft – and keep at it. It takes time and patience – and strong storytelling skills are key.”

“Do you have any advice on trying out new lenses to find your own style?” – @lukasrenk

Peter: “Experiment with a few if you have access. Fixed lenses are great as they make you move and not the zoom.”

"Favorite lens?" – @nilansh_sirohi19

Peter: “It depends on the shot but the Sony 24-105mm f/4 G is my favorite all around.”

"As a former student of journalism and creative writing and an aspiring filmmaker (see: broke), what resources would you suggest I look into for using photography and filmmaking as a means for conservation?" – @c_v_may

Peter: “For me, the power of photography and filmmaking is its ability to show and not tell. In conservation, there is a lot of telling people what to do or not to do. I prefer the option to let the visuals show us which from my experience can often be more profound and far reaching. Good luck.”

“How are you holding up in this new reality?” – @mkg.rocks

Peter: “Doing my best to be patient and positive and helpful where needed (buying groceries for high-risk fam and friends). And editing archives.”

“Do you time your pictures for certain parts of the day?” – @sgilarsky

Peter: “I prefer evening and early morning light.”

“Have you ever had a close call with any of the predators when you were taking a photo?” – @tribecaphotographer

Peter: “No - I’ve always been careful and respectful with wildlife. I have had some close calls with the most dangerous predator - humans.”

What export settings to you use to ensure these stay sharp on Instagram?" – @Melanie.b.benson

Peter: "2048 pixels at 72 dpi."

“Is there a place you are most interested to return to now that nature has had a moment to breathe?” – @v.lacasse

Peter: “Yes - both our parks and the urban world.”


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