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Follow Friday: Astrophotography & Nightscapes That Will Inspire You To Shoot For The Stars

We've always been fascinated with what is beyond our world, often turning our gaze up to the sky with wonder and excitement. A clear, dark night when we can see skyful of stars and the patterns that define ancient constellations invites conversations about the infinity of space. Modern cameras, with their incredible low light/low noise capabilities and broad dynamic range, and lenses that have the resolving power and edge to edge sharpness to render the entire frame with pinpoint sharpness, have opened up startling creative possibilities for photographers. Beginning with the original Alpha 7S, Sony mirrorless cameras have been the tools of choice for photography enthusiasts who see the nightfall as a time to take the camera out rather than retire it until morning. This week we're featuring a group of photographers who are pushing their cameras' and low-light capabilities and lens performance to create astro images and nightscapes that will inspire you to shoot for the stars.

Tag your own Sony shots on Instagram with #BeAlpha for the chance to be featured on AlphaUniverse.com, and give @sonyalpha a follow for your daily dose of creative inspiration.

Jess Santos – @missjessbess

Jess Santos is an Alpha Imaging Collective member who creates inspiring astroscapes. She composes her images of the night sky, usually including a perspective that includes the landscape in the foreground, leading the eye to a beautiful backdrop of the Milky way or an immense sky of stars. The colors of her images are bold, with prominent hues of blues, purples and pinks, yet they have warm undertones that add another layer of depth to them and help create truly magical images. She used the Sony Alpha 7R III and the Sony 16-35mm f/2.8 G Master to create the composite below. Learn more about the Sony Alpha cameras and fast prime Sony lenses she uses for astrophotography in her What's In My Bag article.

Kenny Block – @kenny.d.block

Kenny Block is based in the scenic Lake District, UK. As you scroll through his feed, you will be enchanted by the lush mountains and coastlines of this beautiful coastal area of the UK. His landscape and lifestyle images are minimalist and elegant, and the same can be said for his astro photos. They reflect the calm and quiet moments of solitude of the night. 
If you are after more thoughtful and enchanting accounts, Block is the one to follow.

Rachel Jones Ross – @rachel_jones_ross

Rachel Jones Ross is another Alpha Imaging Collective member that will inspire you to head out for a midnight adventure to photograph the night sky. She features beautiful sweeping landscapes but at times adds another layer to them by featuring a person or two, which creates a deeper narrative, giving it a fairytale-esque feel to her work. if you want to add something new to how you approach astrophotography, this is the account you should be following. Stay tuned to AlphaUniverse.com this month for an upcoming What's In My Bag article from Rachel that will feature her gear for astrophotography.

Nate Luebbe - @nateinthewild

Nate is another Alpha Imaging Collective and travel and adventure photographer whose feed is full of wildlife, landscapes and astroscopes that are vivid and exciting. The Northern Lights will often make an appearance in his feed, adding another element to astrophotography that will inspire you. He has a talent for creating an image that is colorful, fluid and full of life. Nate has also been making a push into NFTs and you can listen to our Alpha Universe podcast episode with him as we expore the opportunites NFTs are creating for photographers. 

Will Gard – @willg_photography

Will Gard is a travel and astrophotographer based in Las Cruces, New Mexico, which he so beautifully captures both day and night. Along with his sweeping landscape, you will find that Flora takes center stage in his foreground instead of rivers, rocks or mountains (which you still see in his feed). This gives a different perspective to the landscape and life that you will find in high desert areas. 

Carmen Huter – @carmenhuter

Carmen Hunter is a travel photographer based in Salzkammergut, Austria. Her dreamy cool blue pastel hues are consistent throughout her feed, where you be transported to underwater adventures with dolphins or ice caves in Iceland. You will also find the same cool blue tones in her images of the night sky- which often take the forefront of the image, showcasing a mesmerizing Milky Way or moon. Her images, like the one below, will leave you feeling full of wonder and excitement to see what she captures next.

Cody Conk - @codyconk

As a travel photographer based in Bay Area, California, Cody has a pleasing balance of landscape, astro, cityscape and even a little street photography throughout his feed. The image below is an excellent example of his talent for composition and eye for color in low light conditions. To make this image Cody used the Sony Alpha 7 III and the Sony 24-70mm f/2.8 G Master.


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