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Get Inspired To Capture The Essence Of Sweet Summertime By Following These Photographers

Pull out the sunscreen and introduce those white pants back into your wardrobe – we’re now rolling into June and the glorious unofficial start of summer. Our community of Sony photographers are eagerly waiting to capture the vibrant hues of beach umbrellas, the mesmerizing dance of fireflies at dusk, and the infectious smiles of sun-kissed faces. With longer days and warmer temperatures, photographers are packing up their Sony cameras and lenses to make fun photographs. From epic sunsets over rolling hills to joyous splashes in the pool, they are ready to chase the golden light and document the stories that unfold under the sizzling summer sun. So grab your gear, put on a sunhat, join the fun, and follow these photographers on Instagram! And for more click-worthy adventures, be sure to check out @SonyAlpha on Instagram and tag your images with #SonyAlpha!

Blast Taylor Swift's ‘Cruel Summer,’ grab your Sony camera and head to the beach because we’re celebrating summer imagery!

Stan Moniz - @stanmoniz

Alpha Collective member Stan Moniz is an adventure and outdoor photographer. His passion for the surf led him to a career as a professional bodyboarder which transitioned him into the creative space of capturing the adventure of the outdoors and the beautiful moving water through photography and film. Moniz knows the ocean inside and out. He made the image below on his Sony Alpha 1 and Sony 35mm f/1.4 G Master in an underwater housing setup. Check out his tips for photographing waves HERE.

Jordan Herschel - @jordanherschel

Jordan Herschel, member of the Alpha Collective, is a photographer and videographer specializing in landscapes and astroscapes. Based in Arizona, Herschel shares stories of the American Southwest. He also travels all over to document some of the most stunning scenes nature has to offer and shares it with his audience via Instagram. Herschel’s works certainly gives off summer vibes and the image below is no exception.

Rachel Denise - @wanderwithrae

Rachel Denise is a travel, adventure, and lifestyle photographer based in California. She shares vlogs and behind the scenes videos of her travels on TikTok and Instagram. She’s been getting a lot of attention for romanticizing special moments in her travels. She shoots these moments, like the one below, on her Sony Alpha 7R III. We adore the golden light reflecting off the waterfall.

Kristy McQue - @kirstyinmotion

Artist Kristy McQue focuses her photography and short films on showcasing above and below the surface as she explores the ocean. Scrolling through her Instagram page is like seeing snippets of summer fly by. From underwater shots of swimmers and sharks to topside shots of surfers and sunsets, everything about Kristy’s work says warm weather and sandy shoes. We love the shot below which is beautiful and nostalgic.

Fiona Wardle - @fi_tography

Conservation and wildlife photographer and filmmaker Fiona Wardle is deeply passionate about showcasing the natural world. She is currently based in a little seaside town on the east coast of the South Island in New Zealand. Fiona completed studies in Marine and Natural History photography and has spent years exploring the natural world, both above and below. We are obsessed with the image below, the action, the composition, and the lighting combine into pure magic. She made this image with the  Sony Alpha 9 II and Sony 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 G Master lens.

Caroline Jensen – @carolinej

Sony Artisan Caroline Jensen specializes in flower photography. And we don’t know about you, but whenever we think of summer, we think of bright and colorful flowers in full bloom! Many of Caroline’s images look and feel like a painting. We love the light on this one, how it brings out each detail on the stem of the flower. If you’re interested in photographing flowers as well, give Caroline a follow and check out more of her work HERE.

Erin Sullivan – @erinoutdoors

Erin Sullivan is a travel, outdoors, and miniatures photographer, and member of the Alpha Collective. She’s passionate about exploring the imagination and sharing stories from all over this world, particularly those that have a deep connection to this planet and its people. The shots below are from a trip to Greece, where she leads workshops. We love the sentiment in her caption when she states, “Verified

It’s honestly hard to capture the true essence of a place through photos. That’s the whole challenge of photography– creating something that contains all of that and more. That’s also why some people are more “skilled” photographers than others. They can bring forward the less obvious. The unsaid things from that moment in time. Pulling subtlety to the front.”

Mickie Devries – @mickiedev

Artist and photographer Mickie Devries focuses on documenting children and families. We love this split shot below, it really showcases the feeling of summer and bobbing in the ocean. Mickie’s go-to camera is the Sony Alpha 7 III with the Sony 35mm f/2.8, Sony 24mm f/1.4 G Master and the Sony 70-200mm f/2.8 G Master.

Stacy Howell – @stacyhowellinthewater

We all remember long days spent at the pool during the summer as kids. That is what is evoked when scrolling through Stacy Howell’s Instagram! Located in Charleston, South Carolina, Stacy has an Instagram account dedicated to time spent in the water. In addition to spending time in the water, Stacy is a commercial and editorial photographer who is well-known for her food imagery. Check out her food imagery and gear list HERE.

Anthony Castro – @anthonys.adventure

Anthony Castro is another member of the Alpha Collective and is based in Oahu, Hawaii. Castro has an Instagram feed filled with adventure and the vibrant life you find in Hawaii as well as other parts of the world. We love everything about the image below, from the whimsy to the reflection to that stunning golden hour light. Castro made this self-portrait with the Sony Alpha 7R II and the Sony 16-35mm f/2.8 G Master.


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