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New 'The Photographer's Roundtable' Series Features Sony Artisans in Premiere Episode

You can learn a lot from photographers just by listening to their stories. Hearing about their passion through past experiences allows all of us in the industry to grow. To give us access to more of these stories and the minds of some of the best in the business, Adorama (@adorama) has launched a new series called The Photographer’s Roundtable. Each episode, hosted by Kishore Sawh (@kishsawhp), invites you to sit at the table with a group of photographers as they honestly answer questions and provide insight on their lives in the industry.

The first episode focuses on landscape photography and features an impressive guest list of photographers, including our own Sony Artisans Chris Burkard (@chrisburkard) and Pete McBride (@pedromcbride), who share some excellent advice, interesting stories and their thoughts on what it’s like to be a landscape photographer.

“It’s challenging because there’s an element of loving a place to death, and we (landscape photographers) are on the front ends of it to a degree,” says McBride. “So I think that’s why stories are so valuable to me. Why are you making that image? What is the story behind it?”

“Obviously we all love to push ourselves and find new creative ways to shoot this and that,” adds Burkard. “But at the same time we’re drawn to these places because they’re beautiful and because we love them. And our goal, regardless of if they get crowded or not, is to bring other people to the outdoors.”

Other guests in the first episode include Keith Ladzinski (@ladzinski), Erin Babnik (@erinbabnikphotography), and Jacob Riglin (@jacob & @beautifuldestinations).

Watch the premiere:



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