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RX100 V: The Pro Compact

RX100 V: The Pro Compact

RX100 V: The Pro Compact

The RX100 V is a speed demon. From its 24fps maximum shooting speed to the High Frame Rate video mode that can go up to 960 fps to create super slow-motion effects, the latest RX100 breaks new ground in what's possible in a pocket-sized camera. In his review, Australian pro Mark Galer went through the key new features. His conclusion?

"[T]his is not the only compact that now features a large sensor it is, I believe, still the camera that offers the most comprehensive list of features. At the time of writing it is the only large sensor compact that has added Phase Detect AF and creates 4K video from oversampled 5K footage. I personally could not consider a large sensor compact that did not have an EVF or Wi-Fi. Would I give up my α7R II for this camera? – No. Would I travel with this as an additional camera to my α7R II? That is exactly what I am doing as I write this review."

Here's Galer's test of the ultra-high-speed 24fps still mode in action.


Here's the High Frame Rate video mode test at 250 frames per second and played back at 25 frames per second (10x slower):

And here's the HFR video mode at 500 frames per second. 

You can see the full review on Mark Galer's blog.

Source: Sony RX100 – Pro Compact
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