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Say “I Do” To Following These Wedding Photographers On TikTok!

“Mawwiage is whut bwings us togevveh today.” We all know this famous quote from the film, The Princess Bride. And for wedding photographers, it rings true! The wedding photography business is a unique challenge - blending art, storytelling, client management and art direction into one long day. So finding a community of other wedding photographers is key. We’ve compiled some stellar Sony wedding photographers who have built a community on TikTok. Check out their accounts for tips, advice, inspiration, and gear talk! And of course, follow @sonyalpha for more Sony creative content in your feed and the latest from the Alpha Universe.

We’ve compiled some stellar Sony wedding photographers who have built a community on TikTok. Check out their accounts and give them a follow.

Kesha Lambert - @keshaloveshats

Sony Artisan Kesha Lambert has a TikTok account full of great information. It’s a must-follow for any wedding photographer. From wedding lingo to posing to editing, there is something for everyone on her platform. Lambert uses the Sony Alpha 1 for her wedding photography, and if you want to learn about the other gear Lambert uses, check that her What’s In My Bag article.

Chris Spencer-Payne - @chris.wanders

Chris is a Leeds based photographer specializing in weddings and elopements. His goal is for the couple to forget he’s even there, so he can capture relaxed, candid moments. His TikTok account shares behind the scenes content from his work. But he’s most well-known for his TikTok videos comparing RAW images to his edited image. This series consistently gets tens of thousands of views. These videos really go to show how great the dynamic range of his Sony kit! 

Cassidy Lynne - @cassidylynnephoto

Cassidy Lynne is a wedding photographer and educator dedicated to helping others learn about wedding photography and how to grow as a photographer. She teaches through a variety of outlets including mentorship sessions, a podcast, Instagram, and of course TikTok! We love the video below where she walks through the first three things she does to set up a new camera. She even shows where they are located in the menu of her Sony Alpha 9 II

Jasmine Evans - @jasmine_joy43

Jasmin Evans is a wedding & lifestyle photographer based in Washington state. Using her Sony Alpha 7 III, Evans captures stunning, intimate images. Her TikTok account shares insights into what it’s like running a photography business with a bit of sass and humor. We love the video below, where she’s making fun of a comment any photographer has heard…” Check it out and be sure to give her a follow!

Sami Rose Tansel - @samirosetansel

Sami Rose Tansel is a wedding photographer based in Ohio. We love her images and her TikTok account! And we’re not the only ones, Tansel has over 200K followers on TikTok. She uses her platform to share her work, educate, and inspire. Take a look at the video below, where she shares what gear she brings on a wedding day. From her two Sony Alpha 7 III’s to a variety of lenses, to a plastic bag in case it rains, Tansel is all set! 


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