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See How These YouTube Creators Embrace The Cold With Their Cameras

The winter season is in full swing but that won’t slow these creators down. From freezing temperatures to pouring rain, these creators have experienced it all and lived to tell the tale. Check out their YouTube Channels and subscribe to keep up with their cold weather adventures, and subscribe to the Sony Alpha Universe YouTube Channel for more from your favorite filmmakers, vloggers and more.

Check out these YouTube Channels and subscribe to keep up with the cold weather adventures.

Magic Wedding Photographer

Maciej Suwalowski is the man behind the Magic Wedding Photographer YouTube Channel. He’s a wedding photographer and educator based in Warsaw, Poland. He shares videos about wedding photography, Sony cameras and lenses, workflow, tech talk and more. In this video, he talks through his experience of shooting in the rain. He’s shot on a variety of Sony cameras and lenses in the pouring rain. He actually believes that not shooting in the rain “limits your creativity.” Check out the video as he offers tips, considerations, and his experiences shooting in the rain. 

Chris Palmer

Chris Palmer is a Tennessee native living in Vancouver British Columbia. He describes himself as a photographer, explorer, and dog lover. His YouTube channel focuses on photography-related content including POV videos and gear reviews. The video below is a POV video of winter street photography. Chris went out on a snowy day with his Sony Alpha 7 III and made some wonderfully wintry images. Take a look and subscribe to his channel for more POV experiences. 

Olle Nilsson

Olle Nilsson is a Swedish nature and wildlife photographer. His YouTube Channel goes behind-the-scenes of his outdoor photography adventures, giving an inside look at how he photographs nature and wildlife. He offers tips and tricks to make your journey into wildlife photography easier. The video below showcases a recent winter nature shoot he did with his Sony Alpha 7 IV and Sony 200-600mm f/5.6-6.3 G. It’s great to hear his voice over as he’s out shooting, it really allows the viewer to learn about his perspective and thoughts while creating images. 

That Icelandic Guy

Arnulfur Hakonarson, aka “That Icelandic Guy,” is a photographer, videographer, and content creator who is from Iceland and currently living in Sweden. Through his videos on his YouTube Channel he says he likes to teach things, so you’ll find plenty of tutorials, some gear talk and also inspiring vlogs and other content. He recently went out shooting in -23 degrees with his Sony Alpha 7 IV. It’s great fun to see this fairytale-like location and hear his thoughts on how the camera performed. Spoiler: his Sony held up just fine! 

Pierre T. Lambert

Global travel photographer and vlogger Pierre T. Lambert loves to create videos that share his greatest passion – photography. Creatives can watch the vlogs on his YouTube Channel to see how the latest gear performs in the real shooting scenarios and for tips on camera settings, post-production and more. In the video below, he is testing out the Sony Alpha 1. He takes it into extreme conditions and then talks through how the specs performed. And yes, one of his tests was on the weather sealing and he only had positive comments. He ultimately said he was planning on purchasing this camera for himself – the highest praise of all.


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