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See This Travel Photographer Capture An Eagle Festival In Mongolia

In this video, DPReview follows photographer Michael Bonocore as he travels to Mongolia with the Sony Alpha α7R IV to document the Altai Nomadic Cames Eagle Festival and to tell the story of young eagle huntress Igrim Askar. The action-packed festival provided a variety of events to watch and plenty of chances to test the α7R IV.

“The fast-paced horseriding events presented a great opportunity to put the Alpha α7R IV’s 567-point auto focus system through its paces. Auto focus performance has been approved over previous α7R series models and now features Real Time AF Tracking, including eye detection for humans and animals.”

In what Bonocore describes as a “heart-pounding” event, he uses the α7R IV to capture riders on horses picking rose petals off the ground at high speeds. Through the dust the camera manages to capture crisp images of the riders and their facial expressions. He also uses the α7R IV to document Askar and her work with eagles and even tries out Pixel Shift mode at the Wrestling Palace sports complex in Ulaanbaatar.


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