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See Tobi Shinobi’s Inspiring Signature Style In His New Book “Equilibrium" – Available Now

Architecture photography requires a certain eye, one that understands how to utilize angles and perspectives to create a compelling image. Through years of experience, award-winning photographer Tobi Shinobi (@tobishinobi) has developed that eye and created his own signature style that challenges the boundaries of balance and symmetry. You can see the results of his dedication and talent in the Alpha Collective member's new book, “Equilibrium,” which features a collection of some of his favorite shots from over the years. 

Award-winning photographer and Alpha Collective member Tobi Shinobi’s new book, “Equilibrium,” displays his signature architecture photography style.

Shinobi developed and refined his style by researching and revisiting locations with different lenses at different times of day to learn light. His incredible attention to detail and understanding of aesthetic geometry allows him to compose images that almost appear as optical illusions. The photos in the book "Equilibrium," show his unique compositions and provide inspiration to other photographers looking to further grasp the world of angles and architecture.

Books like this one are rare because they do more than give the viewer a consolidated collection of stunning images. Shinobi's images are both dynamic and highly graphic and when you look at them, it's like the switch is flipped in a part of your brain. Having glimpsed the world through Shinobi's lens, you begin to see your own surroundings more graphically. As a photographer, it's always beneficial to look at others' work and broaden your visual horizons. Looking through "Equilibrium," is like getting a subliminal degree in composition. Once seen, you just can't help but become a better photographer yourself.     

To learn more about the book and how to purchase it, click HERE.


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