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Shotkit.com Reviews The Sony α6600

Shotkit.com has posted their review for the Sony α6600. In the review, photographer Marc Bergreen writes at length about the camera's refinements within the Sony APS-C lineup. After examining the camera’s build, ergonomics and handling, focus performance, low light performance, image quality and more, here are some of his key takeaways about the camera.

The α6600 includes many of the same features of Sony’s high-end full-frame cameras, and Bergreen notes the Z battery as one of the best. “One of the biggest improvements on the the Sony α6600 is the expanded battery life. It now shares the same batteries as the α7 series cameras, making it much more likely to last an entire day of shooting – the Z-Batteries last A LONG TIME!”

He also names ease of use as a defining factor for the Sony α6600. "Namely, the addition of a third custom button was a welcome improvement. Its placement allows easy access to a plethora of customizable options. I’ve always loved how you can really make things your own with the custom buttons on Sony cameras. I found this third button best suited to switching the rear dial from controlling shutter speed to controlling aperture. Set up this way, you can quickly control all three exposure settings: aperture, shutter speed, and iso (set to control wheel)."

As an adventure photographer, the upgraded features and compact size of the camera makes it an appealing choice for Bergreen. Plus, he notes, it can also take advantage of some of the best Sony lenses. "The Sony α6600 is a workhorse! It delivers so many amazing features packed into a tiny body. I love that it can shoot 11fps and buffer up to 46 RAW files at 14bit output. It is plenty fast enough and capable at shooting almost any sport or subject. What is particularly impressive is that it can shoot that fast while maintaining continuous autofocus and auto exposure!"

He concludes, “The bottom line is the Sony α6600 is one of the best APS-C sensor cameras on the market. It offers great value for money and a ton of features in a very compact and lightweight design. I will be keeping this camera as the best option for activities when small and light is critical. I also plan on using this camera as a viable backup camera capable of performing in the most demanding conditions. It has incredible auto focus speed & tracking, superb battery life, and amazing image quality (especially dynamic range).”

Read the full review.


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