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Do You Have A Remote In Your Camera Bag?

Many photographers and videographers have found the Sony Remote Commander to be an under-the-radar addition to their kits that punches above its weight when it comes to utility. In this video, Sony Artisan Miguel Quiles discusses why the little Bluetooth remote is so useful. “Sony Alpha cameras give you a variety of ways to control your cameras, including their Imaging Edge app. But having a dedicated Bluetooth remote can be really, really useful.” Watch as he takes a close look at the Sony Remote Commander, how it works and how to use it with a Sony Alpha camera.

Miguel Quiles takes a look at the Sony Remote Commander, why it's such a great little tool and how to use it with a Sony Alpha camera.

“On the front of the remote you’ve got five buttons,” he explains. “The plus and minus buttons allow you to zoom in and out using the clear image zoom feature or when you’re using power zoom lenses like the new 16-35mm f/4 G PZ. It can also be used to manually focus your lens which comes in handy when you’re shooting focus-stacked images.”

The button below that on the Sony Remote Commander is your shutter and record button for taking photos and videos. “The nice thing with this button is that you can also half press it to engage your autofocus,” he says.

Below that is the AF-On button and a C1 button that can be customized in your camera menu from the available options. On the left side of the remote, you can lock the buttons when you aren’t using it, and on the right side you can select whether you are shooting stills or a movie. “To the right of that you’ve got your Zoom and Focus switch, which selects the operation of the plus and minus button on the front of the remote.”

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