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SLR Lounge Reviews Sony α7R III "Officially The Best Pro Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera On The Market"

In a new and comprehensive review, Matthew Saville describes why, after a year of real-world use, the Sony α7R III is the “best pro full-frame camera on the market.” Here are some key takeaways from the review.

In a new review on SLR Lounge, Matthew Saville takes a deep dive into the α7R III and why “it's the best pro full-frame mirrorless camera on the market.”


Regarding the autofocus system Saville writes, “This is not just professional-class autofocus, it’s a whole new generation of autofocus, a new way of thinking about how we ensure that each shot, whether portrait or not, is perfectly focused exactly how we want it to be, even with ultra-shallow apertures or in extremely low light.”

Feature set

Commenting on the overall feature set in the camera, he writes,“There is no question that the α7R III shook up the market with its feature set, regardless of the price point. This is a high-megapixel full-frame mirrorless camera with enough important features that any full-time working pro could easily rely on the camera to get any job done.”

Built for heavy use

As Saville points out in the review, there can be a big difference between how a camera’s specs look and how it will actually perform in the real world over time. It’s one of the reasons why he writes, “I know better than to pass judgment on the day a camera is announced. The images, and the user experience are what matter. If a camera has all the best specs but lacks reliability or customizability, it’s a no-deal for me.” Regarding the α7R III specifically, he writes, “[S]ince the α7R III has been out in the real world for well over a year now. I can confidently report, based on both my own experience and the general consensus from all those who I’ve talked to directly, that this camera is a rock-solid beast. It is designed and built tough, with good overall strength and extensive weather sealing.”

Final analysis

Saville’s review goes through the α7R III in extensive detail with real-world images and comparisons to other full-frame mirrorless cameras from other manufacturers. His final conclusions are simple, “So, the final verdict for this review is very simple: If you want the most feature-rich full-frame camera (and system) that $3,200 can buy you, (well, get you started in) …the best investment you can make is the Sony α7R III.”

See the full review at SLRLounge.com


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