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So You Want To Be A Vlogger?

The vlogging space on YouTube is huge and growing. Despite highly-publicized setbacks among a few of the biggest YouTube stars, of the 100 most popular YouTube channels, almost 20% have vlogs as their primary content. And it's not all just for fun. Top vloggers can earn six-figure incomes as marketers continues to tap into the insatiable appetite for engaging video content and with the knowledge that video content is 40 times more likely to be shared through social media. One of the most successful YouTubers and a vlogging pioneer is Judner Aura. Known for his extensive, engaging and in-depth reviews, Judner’s UrAvgConsumer channel has more than 1.75 million subscribers. He’s definitely resonating with a lot of people and we had a chance to sit down with him to get his thoughts about vlogging today and how to be a successful vlogger in the future.

The Past As Prologue

“I started off reviewing gear and as I continued to do my reviews, my subscribers wanted to know a little bit more about me, they wanted to see what my every day life was like,” he says. “I decided to start the vlog and start to share the behind-the-scenes of what actually goes into making the channel, and just the way I live.”

He continues, “I think a good vlog is one that can keep the viewer engaged the entire time. Definitely high-engagement, being able to share something that's unique. I feel like everyone has their own story to tell with their daily life, and I think being able to execute that in a way that makes viewers entertained and interested in your daily activities makes a good vlog.”

How To Stay Ahead Of The Curve

Vlogging continues its rapid growth, with the number of vloggers increasing and the overall amount of vlog content being produced expanding fast. “I think vlogging is going to really boom,” says Judner. “I think a lot of people are going to start keeping a diary through vlogging, and sharing their experiences with others. I don't see it slowing anytime soon, and it's going to be interesting to see the way people take a creative spin, to stand out amongst all the people that will be sharing their day-to-day's.”

As the space starts to get crowded, Judner offers some advice to make the content you produce relevant and to keep your vlog and audience growing. “If I had one tip...I would say just try to know your audience. You may not have a big one at first, but pay attention to them and try to connect with them through your vlogs. I think that's something that worked for me. When I first started vlogging my channel was actually very, very small. I didn't have a large audience, but I paid attention to what they wanted to see, and I tried to give them what they wanted. You don't see opportunities that are ahead of you if you just close all the doors and just stick with what you want to do. Doing that and just knowing who your viewers are is incredibly helpful.”

Since it was paying attention to his review audience that got him into vlogging in the first place, Judner’s insight is particularly relevant and he acknowledges that it’s not always easy to do. “They comment,” he says. “They let you know what they want to see. Not all comments are great. And it's hard to take that criticism sometimes, but, it's all part of the path to success. You want to be able to see what will help you grow, and if there's someone who can do that, give you a little guidance, whether you want to hear it or not, it could be very helpful, so why pass that up?”

He continues, “You do find the gems of constructive criticism in there, or even just people saying, ‘Oh, I noticed you drive this car. I'd love to see more about that.’ Then, you just add those little bits and pieces. When one person asks for something super small, and you deliver that just one time, they’ll be with you for life.”

What's The Right Gear For Making A Vlog?

As a gear reviewer and YouTuber with a lot of experience, Judner has some particular thoughts on the qualities in a camera that are most important for vloggers. “I think the most important qualities to look for is, of course, the overall picture quality. Everyone wants to make sure their viewing experience is as good as possible, but also, I love the ability to have a screen where you can see yourself. I think that makes a huge difference, in terms of framing your shot, and composing your shot. I think it's great to be able to see yourself, as long as you don't get distracted by the screen it's very, very helpful. And, being lightweight, being able to take the camera around, and it not be a burden is also very important. Those are really key qualities.”

See more from Judner Aura on his UrAvgConsumer YouTube channel and for more about finding the perfect vlogging camera, see his video on the subject.



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